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About us

Our story begins the summer of 2003 in Big Sky Country, near the Rocky Mountains and Continental Divide. My friend and I liked to call it "Diesel Country" and we're pretty sure that if you are reading this now, you too are living in a "Diesel Country" of your own.  

We decided back then to find a way to help the "Working-Class" diesel pickup owner gain warranty-friendly HP and better fuel efficiency. You know, the kind of diesel owners that have more dirt on their trucks than chrome. The kind of diesel owners that, like you, make a living with their hard working diesel and not just make a bunch of black smoke.

Well a lot has changed since then. Pickup trucks have more horsepower than ever before and even worse fuel mileage, soaring fuel prices, a volatile economy, higher cost of living and the list goes on and on. But one thing remains the same. We still cater to the working class, "Production Diesel" owner.

The need for warranty-friendly performance and money saving fuel efficiency improvements are the driving force behind our business evolution. As a result, we offer safe diesel performance modules for more than just working class pickup trucks. Today we offer diesel performance modules for agriculture and construction equipment, for medium and heavy duty trucks and even some RV's.

At we believe "money saved is money earned" As such, our diesel modules are designed to deliver a notable fuel economy improvement, along with up to a 30% usable horsepower increase. That means your 120hp machine will safely produce 156hp instantly.

The proprietary design of our modules do not flash the ECM, making them warranty friendly. Instead, it receives the data from the ECM and optimizes the manufacturer’s signal to the engine, improving the fuel efficiency and horsepower output.

The fuel savings you can expect from a performance module ensures a quick return on investment (ROI) not to mention the tens of thousands of dollars it will save you from having to upgrading your equipment to get the same horsepower increase.

The plug-and-go connectivity means there’s no need to cut, splice or modify engine wiring. All our modules are made in the U.S.A. and best of all, include: 100 Day Money Back guarantee - a Lifetime warranty - and  U.S. based customer service.

We are sure you'd agree that if a product actually pays for itself its not an expense, its an investment. That is why the modules we offer deliver improved fuel economy along with horsepower increases. In fact, you can expect to see a fuel economy increase of 10-20% and a HP improvement of up to 30%. In other words, the more you use your diesel, the faster it pays for itself. Its kind of like getting the horsepower free.

When you choose a performance module from, you are choosing a SAFE, WARRANTY FRIENDLY and GUARANTEED way to unleash your diesel's true fuel economy and performance without the hype, hazards, and hidden costs associated with most diesel chips and delete kits.

So effective are our modules at delivering both optimal fuel efficiency and usable power gains, that it makes other diesel performance products virtually obsolete. 

Look! you can buy a diesel performance product anywhere, but ask yourself these questions:

Are they safe?

Are they warranty friendly?

Do they mess with the manufacturer's ECM?

Are they Guaranteed to improve fuel economy?

Do they have a manufacturer's warranty?

Do they pay for themselves at the fuel pump?

If you can't answer YES to all those questions, then avoid future regret and DON'T BUY from another provider. You can invest in a money saving, horsepower improving, 100% money back guaranteed, performance module right here at