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First and foremost, we at want to thank the hard working men, women and families who have chosen the arduous and often times under-appreciated profession of agriculture. To you who farm and ranch and feed the world, thank you. God bless you.  

Every diesel module we offer is designed to improve the overall performance of your “production diesel”. They safely increase useable horsepower and improve fuel consumption, saving you considerable cost to operate.

Like you, we understand (money saved is money earned) so invest in better fuel efficiency now with confidence. You have nothing to lose. We guarantee every module we sell will deliver improved fuel efficiency and more useable horsepower or your money back.

Ag diesel modules are designed with "linear load based technology"

Designed and engineered with a proprietary “linear load based technology” that delivers additional horsepower and torque when you need it most, and impressive fuel efficiency improvements of up to 20%.

All modules are field tested, Dyno proven and will not flash the factory ECM, making them warranty-friendly. Even if you are not a professional electrician, the simple (Plug and Go) installation means you can easily do it yourself. 

USA-Based Tech Support and 110% Money Back Guarantee

Not only are all the modules we offer made in the USA, our tech support is also USA based. For your peace of mind, we also offer a 180 day, 110% money back guarantee on all modules. All Ag modules are transferable to new machines with the same engine and emissions!

Our modules will not defeat or delete any engine/emission components. We strive to deliver only top-quality, American made modules that will withstand the life of your hard working machine.