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Whereas: Our 180 Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, applies exclusively to Diesel Performance Modules and EZTuner Programmer’s offered on, as does the 110% Money-Back Test-Drive Guarantee. In an effort to recognize the fuel efficiency improvements and in order for guarantee to be valid, customer is required to keep the module correctly installed in the intended vehicle/equipment a full One Hundred Eighty (180) days from the day they receive their module, as per the product tracking number on file. After the initial One Hundred Eighty (180) Day Test-Drive, Customer has Ten (10) business days to call for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA #) and return the product. Returned products must be postmarked within the ten (10) business days after the initial One Hundred Eighty (180) day test-drive has expired.
RETURN PRODUCT CRITERIA AND PROTOCOL reserve the right to charge a minimum fifteen percent (15%) restocking fee on all damaged and/or non-defective items. If a customer is not satisfied with their product, they must call and receive an RMA# and return the product in Like-New condition before a full credit can be made. Any returned product, which in our professional opinion and sole discretion, shows evidence of being used and/or installed contrary to the manufacturer’s instructions, and/or was handled improperly, including packaging or shipping by the customer, will not be eligible for exchange, refund or warranty consideration. Any product returned in like new condition prior to the 180 days will only be eligible for a refund equal to the original product purchase price, less a 15% restocking fee. 
While the aftermarket diesel products we offer are tested and deemed to be safe and effective, They are HIGH-PERFORMANCE, aftermarket PRODUCTs. as such, Buyer understands and agrees to USE the product(s) AT their OWN RISK. All returned products will be inspected for damage, improper installation and misuse. Any returned products that have been deemed misused, incorrectly installed, damaged, broken and/or abused, will NOT be covered under any guaranty, warranty and/or return policy and will not be eligible for refund. In the event any product returned by a customer is found to be in any of the aforementioned condition(s), The product will be shipped back to said customer, at customer's expense and refund will NOT be issued. Your new module will be accompanied by an instruction manual which includes a Toll-Free Number. The customer must call the toll-free number listed in the manufacturer’s instruction manual to receive a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA#)before returning a module for any reason. All returned products not accompanied by a valid RMA# will not qualify for any warranty, guarantee, refund and/or exchange.
Customer understands and agrees that as a high-performance aftermarket product, individual results may vary depending on make, model, and application of the engine. The customer also understands that the original vehicle/equipment manufacturer makes its own and sole determination regarding the effects of any aftermarket products to its warranties, thus, the product manufacturer, and all associates and affiliates thereto are not responsible and/or liable for any decision made by any vehicle/equipment manufacture with regard to their original warranty. The module Limited Warranty identified herein is the only responsibility assumed by the company, which is limited to the original purchaser and based on the original purchase price of the product. While this product does not change manufacture’s ECM settings, it may interfere with and interpret settings, therefore should be removed from the vehicle before any diagnostic testing.
The product manufacturer warranty’s all performance modules against defect, failure and/or electronic malfunction for the lifetime of the module’s production. Lifetime warranty will remain in force until such time manufacturer should choose to cease production of said module(s). Warranty will not cover damage caused by fire, water, excessive heat, improper installation, improper mounting and/or any and all other failures outside of internal electronic failure.