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FOUR REASONS TO OWN the EZTUNER CUSTOM MILEAGE TUNING (the majority of our tunes were built with EFI Live)

FUEL ECONOMY SAVINGS: Some of our customers have testified to us of mileage gains ranging up to 4-7 MILES PER GALLON running unloaded. If you can increase your mileage you can save money on fuel. TOWING

PERFORMANCE: Some customers have reported up to a 20% mileage increase while towing. Also... having the right horsepower and torque in the "driving zone" of your RPM range makes for a pretty sweet experience when pulling steep grades. Your transmission stays in higher gears which allows for faster hill pulling speeds and better economy.

PROVEN RESULTS: It works!!! After programming thousands of Duramax diesels we can conclude Duramileage tuning works from all the feedback we have received from satisfied customers.

PEACE OF MIND: Our Economy tunes are mild and we have not had much negative feedback on transmission issues or high EGTs beyond safe operating temperatures.

THE FUEL MILEAGE ISSUE IS EMISSIONS DE-TUNING! (*Please Note we do NOT advocate the removal of emissions equipment on any vehicle!) You may feel like your Duramax has plenty of power but the fact is Emission Standards have forced de-tuning of the low-end power curve of your diesel. This de-tuning over the past 10 years has caused diesels to drop from 20-25 MPG down to NEW trucks averaging 14-16 MPG. The only way to get back the loss in fuel mileage is to increase the low-end power curve of your diesel. To restore mileage you must change the "peak efficiency" of the motor to match your driving/towing RPM speed. This added low-end torque rise significantly improves fuel economy because the engine now does more work with less effort. After increasing low-end torque many of our diesel customers tell us they were once getting 13-16 MPG and are now seeing up to 18-23 MPG. Plus they now get over 100 more miles out of every tank of fuel. Imagine how much our customers are saving in fuel costs when they get 100 more miles out of every tank of fuel! THE

SOLUTION IS EASY TO INSTALL! Yes, its true… there truly is a proven SAFE way to increase your Duramax’s fuel economy and towing ability without the hype, hazards, and hidden costs associated with most diesel chips and delete kits. The fact is, over 12,000 hard-working Duramax diesel truck owners just like you are now experiencing incredible money-saving fuel mileage gains and more towing power because they upgraded their trucks with the easy to install EZTuner Custom Mileage Tunes . So effective are the EZTuner mileage tunes at giving you both optimal fuel mileage and power gains, that it makes other performance products nearly obsolete with its 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. The EZTuner was specifically developed for the Duramax truck owner who is frustrated with their fuel mileage, but doesn’t want to void their warranty by reprogramming the factory computer or installing expensive delete kits. The price is affordable for almost any budget and easy enough for anyone to install. If you are frustrated with less than optimal fuel mileage… you now have a solution! If you are daily driving or going cross country, 100 EXTRA miles per tank of fuel adds up fast when it comes to money in your wallet. Stopping less to fuel up makes traveling more enjoyable and more affordable when you are saving $20 for every $100 in fuel. (up to 20% MPG increase) The main difference between the EZTuner and most diesel performance products is the manipulation of injector fuel volume. Chips/programmers increase injector pulse width which adds fuel to the engine to increase power... the EZTuner finely tunes the pulse width to bring the engine up to its peak efficiency and keep it there without over-fueling the engine. Excessive injector pulse width modification adds too much fuel which causes the engines to run rich (smoke/heat)... whereas the EZTuner's finely tuned modifications cause the engine to run more efficiently due to improved combustion. These fine-tuned modifications do add slightly more fuel under throttle but the additional combustion performance offsets any negatives. The Number One reason customers install the EZTuner is for fuel savings, but having up to an additional 100 horsepower (140 ft/lbs torque) makes for a more responsive truck when towing heavy loads. You can now get heavy loads moving faster and keep them moving faster on steep grades with less downshifting. (faster turbo spool gets you through intersections quicker) The EZTuner is a diesel performance product suitable for today’s hi-tech diesel engines. You simply plug the EZTuner into the OBD2 data port and follow the screen prompts. Your mileage tunes are installed in just a few minutes. EZTuner gives you proven results with the “best of both worlds”. You get incredible money-saving benefits of better fuel economy and an amazing engine performance increase and at the same time! Instead of being frustrated with your diesel, simply upgrade it with an EZTuner and get the fuel mileage increase and first-class towing power gains you deserve.

You can't just wish for better mileage and do nothing! I guarantee you that nowhere else will you find what EZTuner custom mileage tunes can do for you when it comes to both mileage and power improvements. Add the EZTuner to your Cart "Right Now" and start experiencing for yourself what thousands of hard-working Duramax diesel owners are already enjoying.


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